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Bailey Katherine Interiors

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Bailey Katherine Interiors is an interior design company serving sustainably focused homes. The company's goal is to slow the mass consumerism mindset and give clients surroundings that align with their environment.

Project Summary

Interior design portfolio that gives users the experience of what it feels like to walk through one of the designers' spaces.

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Webflow CMS

Effortless Front-end Management

Webflow was a no-brainer for the front-end. With it, we gave the client the ability to easily add new portfolio items and manage their own content without any coding or complicated back-end configuration.

Locomotive Scroll
Smooth scrolling in 60 FPS

Users glide across the page with enhanced, smooth scrolling powered by Locomotive Scroll. Locomotive enables more fluid animation, plus parallax depth not otherwise possible with Webflow's native interaction tools.

Seamless Transitions
Seamless transitions between pages

Pages flow seamlessly from one to another, giving the feel of a single-page web app without the hassle. No flickering between page loads gives a sense of certainty and reliability that puts the user at ease while establishing trust.


Develop a modern portfolio that blends tradition with the contemporary while using minimalist layouts to convey a sense of comfort, ease, and home.


The greatest challenge for any minimalist aesthetic is striking the perfect balance between too much and too little. Furthermore, the portfolio needed to incorporate motion and interactivity without seeming busy.


By basing the color scheme in earthy wood-tones, the UI evokes feelings of being in nature. As a result, the site itself acts as a living example of the client's design philosophy that the user explores without even realizing it.

Tech Stack
Adobe XD
Webflow CMS

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