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Clyde B.

Web Design Client | Origin Point Media, Webby Award Honoree
Chainlift’s quote calculator made it simple to understand what it takes to build our website. The transparency and efficiency made us feel like we were a part of the process which we really appreciated. We’d highly recommend Chainlift’s pricing tool for anyone looking to develop their new website.
TicketFair by Chainlift - Interactive Quote Builder for Website Creators | Product Hunt

Build Deals with Potential Clients in Real Time

Spend less time figuring out what they're trying to say.

TicketFair is the only quote builder designed specifically for website creators to use during live presentations. It allows prospects to see, line by line, what they're signing up for. No more back-and-forth. Just clearly-defined scopes.

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Barnabe D.

Early reviewer on ProductHunt
Oh boy! I love the presentation! I love the idea and the simplicity of the product. ProductHunt needs a lot more products like yours.

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Just the Right Amount of Detail

Customers need proof that you aren't just pulling numbers out of thin air. So give them a quote that shows exactly where costs are coming from and why, without overwhelming them with tech jargon.

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Claudia D.

Early reviewer on ProductHunt
I appreciate tools that integrate both functionality and simplicity. TicketFair appears to strike that balance effectively, making it a practical choice for web designers and developers.
"I made TicketFair so that my customers and I could just talk like people, instead of negotiating and playing guessing games."
Garrett Mack

Founder, Designer, Developer

Here's the reason selling web design is such a pain: most potential customers have no idea what to expect. It's not like buying a car, where even if it's your first time, you at least vaguely know the drill. There's no precedent for it. No test driving, no previewing, and prices vary from a thousand bucks to $150k. So customers often won't give you a budget, and if you guess the wrong number, they won't come back to the table.

But TicketFair takes the awkwardness out of the equation. I just share my screen, open the app, and me and the customer build out the deal together in real time. By the end of the call, they've got an itemized quote while my competitors are still drafting up proposals. And if I pop it into a Bonsai contract, I can use it as a scope of work document too!

Since I first tried it out, I've closed more deals for better pay than I ever did using other solutions--and believe me, I've tried them all.

Will C.

Client | Pulling Paint Murals, Exterior Art for High-Profile Clientele
Understanding where my budget goes during a web design project can feel super opaque, but when Chainlift busted out TicketFair, I was able to quickly understand where spend was going and why. It gave us a common language to talk about project scope and costs, instead of relying on arbitrary negotiation.

Be the one who made "this whole process" make sense.

Clear up your customers' confusion with TicketFair.

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TicketFair uses an intuitive pricing model to make calculating project totals fast, easy, and fair for everyone.

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