Surprise! It's just me.

I'm Garrett. Chainlift is my business name.

Who am I?

I’m just a freelancer, really. I'm based in San Francisco, California. I'm a designer/developer, aka "full stack" aka "product designer" aka "whatever buzzword silicon valley decides I'm called this week."

What do I do?

I design and build websites and apps. That's it in a nutshell. You can hire me to help with anything that falls on that spectrum. In the past, I've worked with:

  • Developers who have an app but need help with the UI
  • Designers who have a Figma file but need help developing it
  • Marketing directors who need help maintaining their website

Why use the name "Chainlift" if I'm just a freelancer?

I use the brand name Chainlift for a couple of reasons. They’re mostly pragmatic. After all, the best way to demonstrate your ability to create a strong brand identity is to make one for yourself. Otherwise it’s like being a barber with the gnarliest haircut you’ve ever seen. Doesn’t inspire confidence.

But “Chainlift” also helps me maintain a good work-life balance, and it gives my work its own identity separate from my own. For me, the word evokes happy memories of playing Rollercoaster Tycoon, where I first fell in love with design, but it’s also a literal thing that takes people to the top. Besides, every good brand should have some tongue-in-cheek wordplay behind the name.

But most importantly, the branding is an efficient means of quickly conveying what my whole vibe is all about: serious engineering with playful energy.

Curious about working together?

Book some time with me!

We'll talk about your project, and I'll help you break it up into smaller pieces. Then, we can look at the to-do list together and see where I can help out the most.